Where is Dimboola?

Dimboola is located in the western part of Victoria, about halfway between Nhill and Horsham.

Dimboola's town centre is set a couple of kilometres off the Western Highway with most of the town's shops located along the thoroughfare of Lloyd Street. Several historic buildings can be found around the town centre including the former Dimboola Court House (built in 1875), Old Shire Hall (1877), Victoria Hotel (1924) and several churches.

The Dimboola Recreation Reserve is located towards the southern end of Lloyd Street and fronts the Wimmera River. It is home to many of the town's sporting facilities including ovals, a stadium, tennis courts and the Dimboola Rowing Club. There are shelters and shady areas along the tree-lined river bank through the reserve. Apex Park, located at the junction of High Street and Lloyd Street, showcases an old steam locomotive and provides picnic and BBQ facilities.

The Wimmera River hugs the western and southern side of Dimboola, and is lined with red gums and walking tracks. Sections of the river are popular fishing and boating spots. Access the river by following Wimmera Street 500 metres south-west from the shops, where there is a bridge over the river. Less than a kilometre from the bridge, north-west along Golf Course Road, is the Dimboola Weir. A boat ramp is provided off the southern end of Lloyd Street.
Dimboola is surrounded by fields of wheat and cereal crops, as well as some sheep farms. These are industries which have been the lifeblood of the town back to the mid 1800s when the area was originally known as Nine Creeks.

Around 10 kilometres north-west of Dimboola on the Western Highway is Pink Lake. This salty expanse of wetland takes on a pink colour due to the microscopic algae found in the lake.

South-west of Dimboola is the Little Desert National Park. Follow Horseshoe Bend Road along the Wimmera River for about 6 kilometres to reach one of the eastern entrances to the park at the Horseshoe Bend camping ground. There's a network of walking tracks along the river and through the nearby woodlands.

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